inLeague Sports Management Suite Pricing

inLeague is a web service that runs in the Cloud, so it is always available to your league. As inLeague is not an 'off-the-shelf' application, we always try to adapt it to each league's particular needs -- a process that can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on the league and how much in common it has with other inLeagues. Because of the technical expertise and manpower required both to develop and maintain the inLeague web sites and database, we ask for a reasonable fee based on the size of the league and the online services provided. We work hard to keep these fees to about half of what the big software companies charge. Finally, in the spirit of AYSO's Everyone Plays, we are willing to reduce our fees for leagues containing a significant number of children who are underprivileged or from low-income families.

Our league doesn't have a large budget. Can we still become an inLeague?

Yes. inLeague works almost exclusively with not-for-profit organizations and we appreciate that leagues around the world all face many of the same challenges but have access to different levels of resources. That's why our rates below are just a guideline -- we're not trying to be vague; we want to line up the subscription fees for our services with the size of your league and the level of support it will require. There are two things we do to alleviate the budget requirements:

  • Collect donations and sponsorships on-line. When the West Side Soccer League first became an inLeague, the difference between the donations and sponsorships collected online in the first year of service and the year before they joined us paid for the entire cost of our services that year. Because different leagues receive varying amounts of community support, this is certainly not always the case, but making donations and sponsorships as easy as possible can go a long way.
  • Neighbor league discounts If you refer a volunteer league to us, we will discount our fees based on the size and commitment of the new league.

inLeague Standard Rate Schedule

inLeague charges a per-player fee based on the size of the league. Typically, our per-player fee is between 2 and 4 percent of the fee your league charges for participation. The example below is typical of a league that charges between $75 and $175 to register a player for one season.

# of Players Subscription Fee
@ 500 $6.75
@ 1000 $5.40
@ 1500 $5.15
@ 2000 $4.70
> 3500 $4

Spreading the Joy, or Programming

Whenever any of our inLeagues need a new and clever way to handle some previously tedious task, we look to see if another league already has a solution to the same problem, whether or not it has to do with billing, volunteer management, or game scheduling. If it does, the cost of the "new" development of a similar feature is reduced to only the time required to adapt that solution to fit your league -- and sometimes, that's none at all, and leagues receive new features for free! We review all of our new development each year with all of our leagues, because it is our experience that the people who work hard every day running a league are the best qualified to come up with creative ideas and solutions.