inLeague: A Boutique Software Development Company

Less Work, More Play

"We have a record number of kids registered or on the waitlist. About 1 volunteer for every 3 players. Hundreds of kids with scholarships, ensuring everyone gets to play. All that, and I got a couple emails per week asking for help, all summer. Thank you and the inLeague team for making it possible to revitalize a volunteer-run, recreational, in-town soccer league."

-- Volunteer Registrar Shanti Rao, Pasadena, CA

Application Development and Sports Management Software

inLeague specializes in developing of web-based organizational tools to automate labor-intensive tasks and help reduce overhead- particularly for non-profit groups with limited staff and resources. Our most successful product is the inLeague Sports Management Suite, a complete online solution for volunteer sports leagues.

Graphic Design and Web Development Services

inLeague works with some of the industry's most capable designers on all of our projects. We have expertise in many kinds of media production including web templates, brand and logo management, print design and web accessibility.

How We Get It Done

inLeague maintains a network of professional developers and designers, each of whom has an established portfolio in their own right. It is our policy to maintain only a handful of active projects with our clients at a time and focus on establish long-lasting relationships as opposed to sacrificing quality for quantity.

inLeague Announces its 20th Anniversary Edition

March 1, 2022 - Twenty years after the idea for inLeague was first discussed at the Dewitt Cafe in Ithaca, New York, inLeague is pleased to announce the forthcoming 20th anniversary edition registration and league management platform:
  • Player and Volunteer registration re-imagined with everything we've learned about running youth sports leagues since 2002
  • New user interface design with emphasis on mobile device support
  • Integration with the AYSO National Association Management platform at Stack Sports as well as eTrainU and Sterling Volunteers.
  • All 20th Anniversary Edition features are available from a browser or inLeague Mobile